Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fun weekend

I have much to write about. That's a nice problem. Saturday we had a nice day in service, then when we got back to A.K and Monica's we grilled burgers and dogs. Most of us ended up staying in our dress clothes. I was thinking we looked like a picture in a watchtower. You know how they always look like they are in meeting clothes at get togethers. :o) I played Monica's electric piano some. I want one so bad! IT looks like a real piano, but you never have to tune it. :o) I did another recipe page for my recipe book. That's # 3. Slow progress. We went into town and rented some movies. I rented two old chickflicks for myself - Sense and Sensibility - which I watched this afternoon while Lee was gone - and Robinhood Prince of thieves ( that's the one with Kevin Cosner) . I'm sick of Movie Gallery. The prices keep going up and I can rarely find anything. It's so unorganized. So today I joined NetFlix. We had Intelliflix before, but this time I decided to try Netflix instead.

Today we ate lunch with My parents and Mike and Selena and Walter and Elizabeth after the meeting. Lee has been wanting to get his TransAm down here and under the shed roof before it completlely rusts away - That was his babe when he was 16 - he's had it for a long time. So Brett agreed to help him get it down here with his truck and his dad's trailer. So as soon as we got home from lunch Lee headed to Pontotoc to go on a study with Brett, then bring his baby home. Lila rode down with them so me and her stayed here while Lee and Brett took the trailer back. We surfed the net for a nice weekend getaway to go on in a couple weeks. I think we have settled on a destination. Hopefully we will have nice weather.

Anyhoo All are gone now. Lee is at work. I've basicly had the place to myself all day. It was a perfect day for Sense and Sensibility. :o) I had a girls movie day with


Heather said...

Those are two of my all-time favorite movies! I have Sense & Sensibility and have been wanting to buy Robin Hood Price of Thieves on DVD for a while. I got the VHS when it first came out and we watched it until it got to the point where the VCR would eat the tape if you didn't fast forward through a certain spot. LOVE IT. I'm still trying to convince Jeannie to watch it...she hates Kevin Costener. LOL

Heather said...

WHAT??! Hates Kevin? Weeeellllll what is wrong with her??? Pleas tell me she has watched Dances with Wolves! I saw his Awsome house when we visited Brett and Lila. He was on Brett's FedEx route and he actully got to deliver a package to him. You know he's married to a woman that just worked in a store he went into there in Aspen. One day she probably watched Robinhood and never would have imagined she would be MARRIED to him one day!