Friday, February 20, 2009

Nice Day

I have my weekend off to a good start. Last night after the meeting I went ahead and did my cleaning while I had the energy. - I did dishes and dishes and dishes, cleaned the LR stripped our bed and washed the sheets and put them back on, did 2 loads of laundry and put them away. That way I could get more out of today. So today we went grocery shopping and when we got home I cleaned up this computer room. I have stripped the bed in here and washed everything. The cat had it so hairy. We stacked wood on the porch before the rain comes tomorrow, I made a tasty supper of baked chicken, asparagus, and salad. I have my bag ready for service tomorrow. I even just cleaned off the long list of visited links that pops up on the Internet address window. You know when you type the first letter of whatever you're typing, a list pops up of addresses you've been to that start with that letter. Well, that gets on my nerves so I thinned that out. :o) Alot of vacation sites were in there.
I wish I had a nice glass of wine. And a good movie. I feel like watching Emma or Sense and Sensibility. Or ann of green gables. It's time to wind down, but my body is thinking it's time to be awake. There's a part time day position post at NMMC that would be nice. IT's through work link......which works with businesses and factories doing workman's Comp and health screenings, etc. I don't know if I could afford to go part time. That would be nice.
I'm examining the calendar looking at a service plan for March. I'd like to increase in hours and march is the perfect time to kick start myself. I think I'm going to shoot for being half an auxiliary.:o) Maybe I could get Lee to be the other half and we could equal one whole auxiliary pioneer. It's so hard to get up early in the day! I'll probably meet the group at lunch some days. It's hard to throw my body from one extreme to another like that. IT just adds to the general fatigue that comes from a few years of night shift. It's like living with a disease and it's all about managing the disease. You start to live your life by the energy you have at the moment. I find myself very conscious of how I spend my energy. Think- I'd like to go outside and walk the dog in the woods with LEe, but I better stay in and do that load of laundry and clean the bathroom while I have energy to. Because one hour from now I may not be able to hold my eyes open. I have become a regular coffee drinker. And not because I just want to taste coffee that much. I have to drink coffee to keep moving, I just started buying the good flavors to make the task enjoyable. :o) My inner biological clock has no rhythm or regularity. It's just there, plugged in, but the time isn't set and it's just flashing 12:00. I think I'm aging at a faster rate now. I'm already starting to get wrinkles! - Yuck enough of that. Time to go watch tv.

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Heather said...

Sounds like you got a lot done! Kudos for planning to at least half-aux next month :D