Tuesday, February 24, 2009

adventures in the woods

I woke up to a SORE rump today! I rode my bike way back to the back back yesterday....lol. The dogs had a blast. The neighbors dog came over and went with me too. I think he had never gone into the woods before! He was so excited. When he'd run off into the weeds, he'd jump like a rabbit, but he was going about 5 ft in the air. Air bud. While I was back there I wanted to go across this little ditch/stream thing. So I built a bridge! I drug branches and logs and built it myself...lol. Finally I finished and rode on past that. The dog went crazy over in the weeds then here they come yelping and running out while they are looking back into the weeds. I was thinking, oh great what kind of wild animal is going to come out after me. I started hearing the weeds crashing a moving across in front of me...................... here it comes! Suddenly there is the fierce beast - a raccoon running up a tree. Of course I didn't have my camera. He was a big fat one! The dogs were running all around trying to figure out where it went and he was right above them as still as a statue....hehehe. That was pretty much the excitement for the day yesterday.


Heather said...

Sounds like you had an adventure! I wish I had somewhere to ride a bike...then I'd need a bike to ride. LOL

Rachel said...

Lee and I have been talking about getting bikes. We have plenty of place to ride. We need the excercise. :)

Heather said...

Well invest in a nice big cushy seat! I need to really bad. MY butt is still sore today....2 days later.