Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fun day

I somehow managed to stay awake through it all........I have been awake now for 32 hours. :o) Chris Brown gave our talk today.......that was a nice surprise. He did so good. It was nice to see them all. Those kids are growing up so fast. And Sarah and Cliff Weems came for a visit. We had a very full hall today. I think they said we had 71 if I remember right. After we got home from the mexican place for lunch we came home, changed and I got my chicken wing dip ready and we headed to Mike and Selena's place. He set a Tv up in his big garage. It ended up being Us, Mike and Selena, Wilma and Winfred, or however you spell it, Brett and Lila, Wayne, Mitchel, (Lila and Wayne's dad) Christopher and his wife and 2 step daughters. We were there a couple hours early so the guys through the football and jump on mike 4 wheeler and looked at there shooting houses..... we walked out into the jungle and took down Brett's tree stand.
We had lots of good food. Christopher made some really good........deer meat thingys. He took a little peice of deer meat, and wrapped in in bacon with some cream cheese and jalepeno and stuck toothpicks......then put them on the grill..............delicious. He sure is all grown up now.
I wasn't that thrilled with the game. I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the last half. Me and Lila just say and chatted in the apartment and watched the commercials. After the game was over, there was a good fooseball match.........then my excitment. I was taking my dip and my chips out to the car. When I stepped out the door I put my foot right on the edge of the stepping stone and rolled it over to the side. I heard a pretty good POP when I did it. And I immediatly I went down on one knee. I didn't spill my dip though! That's good dip. So I'm down on one knee and my foot is twisted over under me and I'm balancing a 9x13 dish of dip on one And 2 bags of chips. I was really afraid to move my foot because it was now super hot and not feeling like it was going to be good. I just stayed in that position for a moment frozen before I decided to stand up and see what kind of damage was done. OF course it wasn't good. I was still holding my dip and the door was closed behind me and I couldn't reach it to knock.....LOL. SO I finally had to sit the dip on the ground and hop around and open the door and find a dip had a major role in the Had to protect the dip! As I hopped to the chair I could feel my dizzy/ hot/flushed / woozy feeling coming on. I really was starting to wonder if I was going to make it to a chair, but I did. Lee got my shoe and socks of- I'm thinking " man I'm glad my toes are painted and my legs are shaved.........but they were dry. LOL. I proppd it up on a chair for a while and watched it to see if it turned colors...........I took some ibuprofen. My ankle didn't look like it was swelling much so I just put my shoe back on and hopped around until we went home. It's hurting pretty good right now, but not like I think it would if I cracked something, but I dunno. My anke doesn't seem to be the most swollen/sore spot. But it's more down on the side of my foot . The blue area that sticks out is on my foot. SO I'm not sure what I've done yet. MY knee even kind of feels funny. SO I guess I'm going to sleep with it propped on a pillow or two and see what I wake up to in the morning. I know if it feels worse tomorrow than it does now and I'm still hopping around like I am now.........there's no way I can walk the hall giving meds at work tomorrow night. IF its ugly tomorrow, I'll go to med serve or something and get it looked at........My insurance should pay for most I believe. The best part.....if I miss my scheduled days.........I'll be rescheduled probably for this weekend.......we are planning on going to the assembly this weekend. I couldn't get off work in OCT and this was going to be our makeup. :ol Grrrrrr......


Heather said...

Oh no!! I hope your foot is OK, but it sounds like you might've broken something if it's blue. Are you going to get it x-rayed? Maybe it won't be too bad. :(

The Super Bowl party sounds fun. We went to Tim & Debbie's and had a really good time. I'll be posting pics on my blog shortly!

Rachel said...

I hope your foot is okay. It doesn't sound good. You better get it looked at. Let us know. :)