Monday, February 2, 2009

Well the foot doesn't look really bad that is good. I can walk on it so I'm going to work tonight because I don't want to have to work this weekend. So tonight will be a good test. Hours standing on it will be different than 10 minutes here and there. :o)
Time to go see what kind of makeup food I can eat a piece of lettuce. :o)
I was laughing at all the misspelled words and things I did last night on my Lack of sleep.


Gary and Emily said...

you should go to edgil maybe he can pop it all back in place, Atleast your knee. We went to wades and about a half hour before the game he realized he couldnt pick up NBC!! haha. so I took over the grilling and him and gary ran to wal mart after an antenna and an amplifier.It all worked out in the end and nobody was injured.

Heather said...

Ha! What CAN he pick of if he can't get NBC???? LOL