Saturday, January 10, 2009

New fish

Today I met Heather in Tupelo.......first we had chilies new lunch deal- bottomless chips and salsa, soup and salad for 6.99. It was very good. THEN we went to Hobby Lobby to check out what they had that we could use for the project 365. While we were there we snapped a shot on the scrapbook isle for our picture of the day. :o) People were probably thinking we were weirdos taking pictures in hobby lobby, but oh well. I bought some snow in a can and some mod podge. Finally we went to pet smart.......oh the cutest cat's were there! There was this one huge black fluffy one.....gorgeous. Would love to have her. Her name was Sasha. And some little orange kittens......sooooo cute! Hhhhhh. I have plenty. I did buy some fish. I bought another tiger barb since one of ours died and some other silver fish.....don't remember what they were called. So it was a nice trip out of the house.

We have our reservation for the convention........the sheraton was full already so we will be staying at best western. I know nothing about it except it's 10 minutes away and it has free breakfast.

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Rachel said...

Cute pic! Sounds like a fun day.