Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cirque du soleil

I think that's how it's spelled.....Anyway...........I talked Lee into going. He really didn't want to, but since Gary said he'd go......he caved in- but only for the cheap 35 dollar tickets. So Me and LEe, , Gary, Emily, and Mom went to the show. Lee's mom and grandma and sister and aunt happend to be there too. We got there really early. And we were way up in the nosebleed section talking and this man comes up to us and said that the seats down in front of the stage weren't all sold and they like for them to all be filled so if we would like, we could all move down there. So we were like SURE! WE ended up sitting 3 rows fromt the floor. in the 90 dollar seats! You could see their facial expressions from where we were. So sweet! IT paid to be early. I would have been really mad if I would have paid 90 bucks and there were people sitting right next to me that paid 35. I tried not to talk about it very loud. :o) Of course there were a few times that the funny mime guy used some of the audience from those seats. The spotlight would shine on you then you had to stand up and do whatever he wanted. I was so scared that the light was going to shine on me! A girl on the row in front of us had to do it. PHEW! Anyway........I knew Lee would like it if I actually got him to GO and of course he thought it was cool. I kept looking at him during the show and he was smiling really big like a little kid. I think he liked the tights that the girls had on........where we were could see everything pretty No confusing the boys and the girls! So that was our fun for the day. I'm ready to work out now.......they were all so muscular!

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Heather said...

I'm glad ya'll go to go. That's awesome that you got to move to the expsnsive seats. We were in the $65 seats, but they were still pretty good. I did enjoy the show, even though it was exactly what I thought it would be (expected more aerobatics). The second half was great though - loved the trapeze acts! I wish ya'll could've gone to dinner with us!