Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lee is smart

This morning I didn't get home until 8:45.......I'm usually in the bed and half asleep if I'm lucky by then. But we just had a CRAZY morning. Anyway, my phone rang when I turned onto our road......I figured Lee was wondering WHERE I was. But no, he was telling me that in case I was wondering where HE was, he was on the back part of our land trying to get his truck unstuck. Evidently he drove way back there to get some wood and got stuck the night before. LOL. I didn't even go back there and look........I knew I'd just roll my eyes because he probably drove somewhere completely rediculous that he should have had enough sense to know not to do.- Trust Me. He told my he got in out today at 11! HAHA! Goober
One of the lakes nest to us had lots of ice today.........All around the edge and half of the middle. Don't see that much. IT snowed here for little while yesterday afternoon. And it was sticking. If only it would have come a blizzard. :o)
Time to dry my hair........

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