Thursday, December 11, 2008


Good grief! I feel like I've been driving through a tornado! The wind and rain is so powerful this morning! My yard is a lake, all my firewood is wet, and it sounds like a freight train is coming through! Oooo now my elecytricity is blinking! Yikes! The winter storm warning or whatever ends just about 20 minutes south of me so I'm kinda scared they may be off on the calculations by a few miles.....If it was snow instead of rain right would be a blizzard. And of course I just got done with my week of work and my frige is I was really planning on going shopping today, but now I'll have to battle it out with every other person running in for their milk and bread in a Darn. I'm pretty sure my chairs just flew by that are normally sitting on the porch ...LOL!


Heather said...

Batten down the hatches!! LOL Hope you can get some milk & bread...I'm pretty sure the Pig is already out! LOL

Rachel said...

Our electricity at work went out for a while. It is only rain and really strong wind up here. I hope Lee gets to go to the grocery store for me today. I'm glad we have bread but we need milk. I guess we can do without for a few days. :)

Phil and Melissa said...

It blew down our dead pine tree across our driveway. And Aberdeen got hit hard. The roof is off of piggly wiggly and B&B furniture is all messed up. Some of the windows are blown out the upstairs of the buildings. It did sound like a train. We didn't have electric all day. Just came back on about 8:00 tonight.