Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Crazy husband

I pull in from work this morning and my husband is standing on the porch in his underwear! And you can see our house from the road! We have firewood stacked on the porch out of the rain so as I'm driving up he turns around and is bent all over with his tail sticking out TOWARDS the road as he's choosing his block of wood. uhhhhh.......I'm glad there was no school bus driving by or something.......he has no shame. I don't know why he will do that but won't go in walmart without his hat on because people will see his bald head.......lol. NO sense. Time for bed.


Heather said...

Oh my gosh!! Make sure he's not collecting firewood when we come over Saturday!!! LOL

Rachel said...

I agree no firewood on Saturday! LOL. That is hilarious. Men are too funny!

alviescleo said...

Too funny. It reminded me of a husband I had once.. He would hit golfballs in the afternoon when he came home from work. The problem with that is we lived on HWY 45 and he would pull his pants down below his butt in the back so he could get a tan....and he was black.. Talk about crazy!