Friday, December 5, 2008

Back to work

Ohhhhhh.......I go back to work tonight for 6 nights in a row. :o( I'm thinking about asking my manager if I can try some other schedule for a while. 6 is hard. There's an LPN that is from the float pool, which means she isn't even an employee of our floor- she just got a dream schedule to work on our floor all the time- mon, tues, wed! I'm thinking of asking for that schedule:o) Hate to bump her out, but she can go work it on some other floor.:o)
I put some pics of my scrapbook so those who haven't seen it can see what I've been up to. :o) Fun Fun Fun!
After Lee got up this morning is when I finally started getting some good sleep - he kicks and moves all night. About the time I get into that good deep sleep, here comes Lee climbing up on the bed ON ME! I open my eyes because I here something electronic sounding. Well at that second I see a flash. He was taking a picture of me sleeping! That goob! I asked him later on why in the world he was taking a picture of me. He said " I like the way your hair looked on the pillow." LOL. He is still loving the dark hair evidently. :o) I'll have to make it a rule that he can't admire the hair until I'm awake.....LOL! No pictures please folks.................
So that's the exciting happenings of my house today. Woopie!

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Heather said...

Love the scrapbook layout. Horseback riding was so fun!! Oh and that's funny about Lee taking your pic. Actually, it's pretty sweet. :) Oh and sorry you have to go to work...Maybe you'll be able to bump that other girl down to another floor!