Friday, December 12, 2008


I spent this evening playing with my scrap stuff since I won't be having a scrap party at my house tomorrow. The meeting kinda got put on top of that. :o) I was really in the mood to get some done so I just went ahead.......and I finished a two page layout. I enjoyed this one the most because it's paper and stuff I just bought individually and put together myself instead of using a pre matched set of paper. I feel way more creative this way and uniquie. I did use one or two little things that came from that cardstock set I have, but pretty much everything was all that I matched up myself at hobby lobby. I'll put a picture of what I did. I also bought some paper and some stickers that match the decor of my house ( world travel- paris, london, venice, new york, etc. I'm going to pick out a picture of me and Lee and use the paper and stickers to make a cool background or matte for a framed picture to put in the living room or dining room. I am feeling very crafty this weekend. :o) AND I made oreo truffles too......mmmmm. Very rich, but very good. I did half with white chocolate and half with dark chocolate. Yummm!!!! I feel like little miss homemaker.

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Heather said...

Hey, look! It's us! hehe I like the page - you did good! The "frosty mug" embellishment is too cute! Sorry we aren't going to make it over this evening. :( Maybe we can get together one day thru the week while I'm off for xmas if not on a Saturday.