Thursday, December 4, 2008


I'm awake! It's after 2 am!!!! It's been getting harder to switch back and forth from night shift to normal when I'm off work. And it's so nice and rainy outside......perfect sleeping weather. Oh well...... Today I didn't do much. I couldn't GO ANYWHERE, and my house is clean, the laundry was all done......and I just didn't know what to do with myself. So I just pretended I was on I read in my book and worked on my blog. I stumbled onto something kinda fun to do with my pictures on my computer. Scrapbooking them on the computer. HeHe I can look at it as perfecting my skills. LOL. So there is a link now to my 'Scrapblog' I only have a couple pages done.
We watched a new show 'Secret Millionaire' tonight. IT is good. These millionaires pose as average Joes for a week and then they end up helping out the people they work with. It's better than alot of the other reality shows that have been around.
I'm convinced the thing that walked on my arm with the cold toes the other night was a mouse. There is a mouse that keeps walking up and looking at me. I'm serious......I'm in here on the computer and he comes into the room from the hall- he has done this before - and he stops and looks at me until I look at him and then he runs behind the bed. Then a minute later I see him out of the corner of my eye back out here looking at me and I look at him and he goes behind the bed.....etc etc.....LOL! So I'm typing with my feet up off the floor in another chair. He may be waiting for the perfect moment to run up my pantleg when I'm not looking. He did this the other night too- while a cat was right behind me sleeping on the bed! And I saw him walk by the door in the hall so I scooped up the cat and tiptoed to the edge of the door and peeeeeeked around and I saw him way at the other end of the hall LOOKING AT ME! His head was sticking out from under the door of a broom closet and he saw that I had the cat and he slid back up under the door. LOL! I keep waiting for it to drive by on a motorcycle. This mouse needs a name. I think it should be Hmmmmmm.. Ice Man- he has cold toes. :o)
Oh ya! MY coffee! Was deeeelish.......I had the German Chocolate Cake. YUM!!! I could really taste a coconut flavor. I may have to try the carmel delight this morning. I"M GOING TO NEED IT!( it's 02:35 ) It's not like I have a big day of stuff to do. I'm going to get Monica's Maxima and LEe is going to get a load of wood and that's about it. Time to read in my book. I think I'm feeling a hint of tired coming on.


Heather said...

OK - LOL about the mouse. And if your cats are anything like mine, they won't do any good anyway. Mine will chase a mouse *sometimes*, but they give up way too easily...and sometimes they pull a Garfield and let them walk right by. :op

Hey, I wanna see your says I have to have an invitation. You gonna share? ;o)

Heather said...

Hmmmm....let me see if I can figure out how to do that. :o) I thought I made it public....