Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I ordered several sample flavors of coffee from an online company a week or two ago........well it came in this evening. They smell soooo good. I have been tempted to try some, but I'll never go to sleep if I do that. I'll be up bright and early for my first taste. :o) I think I may have to try the german chocolate cake flavor first. I'm almost slobbering just thinking about it.:o)
We went to Monica's to pick up her maxima so I could have some wheels. Well her yard is too soggy to get the car out of it. We almost got the truck stuck. I think it's going to rain more soon, so by the time the yard dries out my car may be ready for me to pick up anyway. :o( . I'm kinda getting stir crazy knowing I can't go to walmart whenever I feel the need. :o)
Ollie still hasn't came home so I'm thinking she is not going to. IT's been a week and a half or so. I'm just going to think that someone was driving along and saw her and took her home. :o) Lee says she's in the stomach of a coyote, but I prefer my theory better. :o)

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Heather said...

Ooh you're going to love your Boca Java! The German Chocolate Cake is really good, and so is Surfin' Safari. Mmm!!

Sorry about your kitty disappearing! :( I bet she found a new home and is toasty and warm in someone's house and that's why she hasn't come home.