Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Tiny bit of organizing

OK, so I have had the goal of becoming more organized.  I started with menu planning, and I love that and it's going well. My real goal was to get a grasp on the clutter around here and get to organizing and getting rid of the things that aren't needed.  I made a tiny, TINY, baby step the other day, but even this simple thing felt good! I smile every time I see it.  There is an area where we always have several magazines stacked.   It's Such an eye sore! I would neatly stack them, and a day later they were all messed up and in the way.  Such a pain to clean and sweep around them. ( their home is in the floor ). I finally picked up a little Magazine holder while I was at Walmart doing some shopping. I just decided to stroll down the office supply  aisle to see what they had. There it was of those heavy duty cardboard magazine organizers... covered in a nice blue. :o)  The rest is history... came home, went through the stack and got rid of some of the older issues, then placed the rest in their new home. Tada! Why didn't I do this months ago? The whole room looks better!  A painless and quick baby step.:o)

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