Saturday, February 5, 2011

Camper adventure

Well, we drove over to Haleyville to get a trailer wednesday. We borrowed Phil's truck to go get it.  We stopped in Hamilton at Tractor supply and bought some kind of pin that goes on the hitch. When we came out, it was snowing little flurries. We didn't think it was really going to do anything, so we grabbed some mcdonald's and headed on. We got over there and looked at all they had just got in that week and decided on the one we wanted.  We hooked up and plugged in the lights and there was nothing. Pulled another truck up and plugged up and they worked. So we call phil and one set of lights he'd never used ( the ones we need for rv ) but he was pretty sure the other connector worked. So we go to Oreily's and spend close to an hour trying to figure out how to get all these adapters and connectors to make it to where we can connect the flat connecter on the truck to the round one on the camper. Meanwhile it's sleeting hard. Road is getting kind of iffy looking... but we keep on... About $40 dollars later we have it all figured out and head back to where the camper is. IT STILL didn't work! ( Turned to snow now ). Roads are getting white, cars, roofs, ground. Everything wet is getting icy..... So the guys decide that they will just bring it to us when they come through to get more trailors. They go to south MS several times a week. So for just the price of the gas, we are going to have it delivered to our front door. Even the old man that pulls them daily said he wouldn't try to pull it back home in the weather conditions that developed, so even if the lights would have worked, we still wouldn't have been able to bring it home. So.... we headed home. Stopped by OReily's and took all our stuff back and got our money back.  Monday Morning bright and early it's supposed to be here.

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Heather said...

Bummer! At least they are willing to work with you. I'm really interested to see what this thing looks like. You'll have to take lots of pics to share with us when you get it.