Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sunny florida

Well, it's sunny, but not warm. But Oh well, it's change of scene and away from home. WE arrived at our condo around 430 yesterday. It is so nice for the money! It's so cute. A perfect size for us. I drew out the floor plan on a Lee loves it. IT is so compact, but roomy at the same time. It would force one to simplify and not have a ton of stuff!. After supper at margaritaville last night. ( I had the fish tacos and a loaded land shark.) We went to the movies then came back here and crashed. I'm so in love with our mattress! I'm going to look under the sheets to see what kind it is after lee gets up. And it's always a treat to be in a king bed. I can stretch out! Gotta have one! I slept so good last night. I even woke myself up talking this morning. I never do that! We're just down the road from the giant pier. If LEE would get up I'd like to walk down to it. Lazy bum. I think we're going to buffalo wild wings and watch the cotton bowl. I think that's the plan anyway. Who knows where we'll end up. Brett wants to take mike to see Seaside.
I brought my DD coffee and my grinder and stuff. I think I'll try to lure lee up.


otin said...
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Heather said...

It sounds like ya'll are having fun!!