Sunday, January 3, 2010

More trip

We've made it home. We didn't get in any hurry on the way back. WE hung around PCB , ate lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries - delicious. Hit a gift shop or 2 and hit the road. LAst night we, hit walmart for sweets and I bought some Leinenkugels, Sunset Wheat - the totally awesome beer that is now right up there with Landshark in my favorite department. ordered papa john's to the room, and we brought Catch Phrase with us, so we got into a loud , knee-slapping game of that. Well we probably played like 30 games. LOL. IT is so funny because LEe can NOT sit down and play. He at least has to stand up while talking or throw himself in the floor to act it And It seemed that about 50% of Mike's Clues included " well if you climb up in a tree. " LOL!!!! I learned that it is really good to do men vs women in that game because we all think alike. HAHAHA. At one point Lee and Brett were truly starting to think there was something going on where we were cheating. LOL. LEe was like " What is going on here? How in the world did you pull 'Brazil ' out of thin air?!!! HAHAHA I should have told him because we have ESPN. hehe Lee was plenty entertaining - His word was ' cheeseburger ' Of all the ways to get someone to think cheeseburger....Lee's way was to hold is arms out really big and wobble around and say he was Grimace ( the purple guy that's ronald mcdonald's friend) LOL!!!!!!!
WE kept saying that we were going to right down quirky quotes from each of us from the trip. Brett provided us with many interesting lines that just sound so weird without hearing the stories. Such as " I couldn't enjoy my nice peaceful death. " Or ,"I'm kinda warming up to cremation." Mike coined the phrase Hot Chocolate` Pronounced- Hot Chocolatay. WE all went in starbucks and that's what he called his hot chocolate. LOL. Too much fun.
WE stopped in Meridian on the way home and had a nice crackerbarrel supper....mmmmmmmm. I don't know why I don't ever go there. The food is not bad priced at all. I was thinking it was more expensive. I had a good Sirloin.
Ok. Time to start uploading pictures.......will post soon.

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