Saturday, January 16, 2010

I think I am finally about over night shift. I think I am anyway. Who would have thought it would take a few months to get my body kind of back in tune. I just keep feeling better and better. Who knows, maybe next month I'll have even more energy! Maybe I just think I'm at the top now. I think loosing the stress of the job is half of if, not the night shift part. Anyway, I feel good enough now to actually exercise regularly. So I'm got back on the diet/workout wagon. I just want to feel good this summer for the beach. My goals are really small. If I just loose 5 lbs a month through april, I will be back to my marriage weight in plenty of time to get a new cute swim suite! HAHA. I don't think it'll be hard. I lost 15 pounds a couple years ago in about 4-5 weeks and that was super easy. So I've said goodbye to my wine and cheese and crackers everynight after work. LOL. I'm just doing the old counting calories thing. You just can't go wrong with that. It's amazing how much food I still eat! You just have to pick the right ones that's all. I do al ot of measuring. And have become a believer in the whey protein shake! I am usuing vanilla. Sometime I'll add half a banana. It is great for breakfast or a mid afternoon snack because it REALLY hold my hunger for a long time! I try to have something every 2-3 hours. That way I'm never hungry. FOr instance , here is what I had thursday :

Breakfast - Peanut butter and banana toast + coffee with splenda a 1 tsp creamer, Mid morning post workout - vanilla protein shake, lunch, cambells chicken tortilla soup, afternoon - special K cereal bar, Supper- chicken breast strips with tomato and mushroom sauce over spaghetti and a spinach salad with low cal ranch, evening snack - 1 sunset wheat ( beer ) and 5 cups of popcorn. Believe it or not, when you add up all of that it's 1555 calories! YAY! that's what I've been shooting for 1500-1600 cals/day. One way I can eat as much is I don't drink calories. I live on Lipton diet green tea.

So I've been doing that this week and I do some soert of workout every day. I try to include crunches everyday. I keep my stuff in the living room so when I sit to watch something, I can pick it up a do a little. Right now I'm just using the elastic bands ( those are great ) and my big bouncy ball ( those are so much better to do crunches on ) and some 15 and 10 lb free weights. Then one day I went to the walking track and one day I ran on emily's eliptical. So I'm doing pretty good. I need to choose a more specific schedule for my workouts.

That's pretty much the only interesting thing that I've been up to.


Rachel said...

Wow! Sounds like you are off to a great start. There is a lady at work who has only been watching her calories since June. She has lost nearly 40 pounds. No exercise.

Heather said...

Sounds like you're doing good! I started WW this past week, and even having a glass of wine every now and then I've been able to stay within my point levels. You're right - as long as you pick the right stuff, it's easy to stay full and not go over your allotment. Had fun tonight, btw! :)