Friday, January 29, 2010

Catch Up

It's been a while. Still trying to diet. I think I'm what you call a Monday -Friday dieter. HAHA. I am starting to think I REALLY need to buy an eliptical like a want. IT would help so much! 6 months same as cash at Dicks. :o) IT would be like paying for a gym, but I would actually use it! And I'd own it instead of throwing money away right???? Anyway, that's my thoughts on that.
It's still cold and Rainy. I'm getting cabin fever I think. Actually I'm really in the mood to paint! I am wanting to brighten up my Living room. I'm ready to paint my kitchen, again. My bathroom........ I have all the DIY things I want to do... If only it was free to do these things. I want to sew some new curtains for my kitchen. I'm just ready for change I guess. Also ready yo GO SOMEWHERE!!!! WE are really behind on our time away this year. WE went to Florida last may for 4 days, and we went new years just for the weekend. NOT enough time away from this place. I'm actually looking on right now for some ideas. I really want to go somewhere and relax when Lee get's out for spring break. I've never done a B&B and I'm pretty sure he hasn't either. I think it would be fun. Or maybe just rent a house. I'm so ready to go.
I'm ready for the superbow. I don't know where I'll be watching yet. I've heard of no parties anyway. I may just have to have my own. MAybe my Signal would behave through the game. I'm going to cheer on the Saints this year. Normally I would be cheering for the Colts, but they've had there superbowls. The saints on the other hand haven't.
Ok, I'm going to browse for vacation spots. :o)


Heather said...

Good reasoning on buying an elliptical! LOL OH...Brandon & I are going to Natchez for our anniversary and are staying at a B&B in the historic district. It will be Spring Pilgrimage so we'll be touring homes. Can't wait!

Heather said...

Oh cool! Which one are you staying at? MY mom and a bunch of sister stayed down there last summer and did some tours.