Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Swine flu vaccine

I've had several emails forwarded to me saying " the swine flu vaccine has blood in it! " Or something to that effect. Ours should be coming to the hospital pretty soon and we will be expected to take it. SO I looked it up. You can research it alot online and look at different lab's websites that talk about the ingredients. No where did I find blood as an ingredient. The only thing I found that people might be seeing is hemagglutinin - an antibody. Maybe they are thinking hemoglobin. Anyway, all I can say is do your own research.
In other news. I'm becoming quite the sharp shooter with our old pellet gun. There's this one little white dog that someone has dumped off around here that is trying so hard to move into our yard. She kills cats. She killed the neighbor's cat and we haven't seen Watson in a few days, so we think that may be what happened to him too. So anytime I see her in the yard I pop her and run her off. hehehe. Before I couldn't even hit a can sitting still. Now I can hit a running dog! LOL
I bought some super duper liquid vitamin/mineral/ antioxidant stuff at Sam's. Maybe that will put some pep in my step. I took my first dose last night before bed. This morning I had radioactive Pee!!!! LOL. I almost needed sunglasses to see. I forgot that vitamins do that. AT first I was like man what did I drink yesterday??!!! HaHA
I can tell it's cooling off - all the bugs are coming in my house and dieing. And the big spiders! Ughh. The other night I was getting ready to watch a movie and I looked down beside the tv cabinet and there was a spider that was sooooooooo big! I believe it could leave footprints in the mud. So I turn around to put the remote on the couch where I was planning on watching the movie and I go back and it's gone. I hate that! So through the whole movie I'm wondering if it's climbing up to me from behind, or getting in one of my shoes. He's still hiding out in here somewhere. Waiting to crawl on my face while I'm asleep.

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Heather said...

UGH about the spider!!! I have been seeing them around our house too. I hate spiders!!!

I'm sorry about Watson! :( Maybe he's around... Stupid dog. Maybe you need to relocate him to the animal shelter. I normally wouldn't say that, but I won't tolerate cat-killing dogs. :(

LOVING this cool weather, by the way. We need a bonfire or camping trip or something! Too bad Brandon works every weekend...