Thursday, October 1, 2009


Ahhhhh it feels so good outside! 50 degrees and sunny. Just enough to almost give you goose bumps. :o) And the yard is freshly mowed- love that smell too.
I was planning on washing my car today. It hasn't been washed in a few Well, guess what............yesterday they decided to poor gravel all over our road. UGh! I hate that! Now my car is white-ish! I'm not even going to bother washing it now. What's the point? And if I get a rock peck in my new windshield.................GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
So anyways, moving along.................... I talked to my boss this morning and it is a done deal. I am going Prn! WOO HOO! After I get off work the 29th, I won't have to come back until I feel like it. :o) She's going to go ahead and put all of my vacation time I have built up on that next schedule in november, so I'll still be considered full time until after that is used up. And then my hospital insurance will last 30 days after I go Prn. SO I should have until the end of december to shop around for some insurance. I want something just to protect us from a major major accident or something. I'm not really worried about doctor visits, and prescription blah blah blah. WE don't go to the doctors office any. I was expecting prices to be several hundred dollars a month, but I've found some plans for 200 dollars and less. I can do that.
LEe has started the new store . I think he will do it every night for a week, then we'll jsut drop back to 3 nights a week I think., then our other store is 3 nights a week too, so that's 6 nights a week of work. :o( But oh well, if you are going to have to work 6 nights a week at something, it may as well be this. I can handle, walking around with a mop, listening to my ipod. Tonight I will finally get to go see the new store. They'll probably think, Lee has hired him some dumb girl that doesn't know how to hold a mop.......hahaha. I'll just tell them I got started in the floor business about 23 years That'll make them scratch their heads. But really, I DID! I walked around with my little scraper when mom and dad were cleaning! I emptied dirty rinse buckets when I was big enough to steer a bucket! Sometimes I think it's kind of funny how I mop , buff, and wax the exact same tile that mom and dad did ( and me ) when I was a young kid. The same floor that put food on the table when I was a kid and into my teenager years, puts food on my table now. Kind of a full circle thing. All that has changed is the name of the store. Mom and dad finally quit cleaning it, then the Johnsons cleaned it for a while, and some mr clean person cleaned it for a while, eventually Pate got it, then he turned it back over to us. And here I am, waxing that same tile. That SAME BLUE isle!
Ok, I am TIRED!

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Heather said...

Isn't the weather WONDERFUL?? I love this time of year!! And congrats on being officially PRN soon! :) Hopefully it will work out better for you. I know you're excited!