Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nothing really exciting going on around here really. I've just been so tired. This rainy, cloudy weather is horrible when you are already tired. I cant wait until november - that' s when I'm done working full time at the hospital. It seems like a hundred years away. Hopefully after getting into a normal sleeping routine, I'll feel better. Like the old me. And maybe I'll feel like exercising regularly! I've joined a weight loss thing online ( it's free ) . You enter in all that you eat and it breaks your day down by calories and your carbs, fat, and protein percentages. Really cool. So I've just been eating what is typical for me for a couple of days just to see how bad I've been doing. Not as bad as I thought. I eat less than 2000 calories a day. Actually I think I may have been not eating enough usually. Tuesday I entered all my calories up for my meals I had that day and I only had like 700 calories. SO I ate a cheeseburger at I still had less than 2000. Anyway my goal is between 1200 and 1550. Yesterday I ate 1700 without doing anything unusual, so it won't take much change for me to meet my calorie goals. Now I just have to exercise. REGULARLY! That is the hard part because there is nothing regular about my life . About the only thing I do regularly is eat!
I am ready for a vacation. May was the last time and it rained the whole trip. I get stir crazy after a few months. I hope we'll be able to go somewhere when Lee is off thanksgiving week. But who knows. I need some motivation........something to look forward to. Some place new maybe. An adventure.
Oh yeah, the sears guy came and did our window estimate..........drum prepared to gasp and laugh..................... after every " discount " he could give - $11,000! HAHAHAAH!!!!! Too funny. SO he's not coming back. :o)

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