Sunday, August 23, 2009

We had a pretty good weekend. Friday I went over to see Emily's paint in her living room. It looks nice with her movie themed decor. She did yellow walls. Then I went to the liquor store and bought a couple bottles of wine. I tried one that I haven't had before from Old South. It is blueberry. I really like it. I would call it semi-sweet. Then I also bought Miss Scarlet which is one of there other usual muscadine wines. Mmmmmm it is made in Natchez. Each wine had a different antebellum home from natchez on the label. Sweet Noble is a good one too. Anyway.... I went to mom's and had spaghetti then headed home because it was about time for Lee to get home. I ended up falling asleep really quickly on the couch and I vaguely remember Lee tapping my foot to go get in bed. I was like a walking zombie. LOL.

Saturday I did alot of cleaning in this bedroom. Stripped the bed and all that good stuff. Tried to get my shower in clogged. IT is still not draining. My long hair is back in full swing against my drains. I went to Julie's house for a jewelry party that afternoon. There was a really good turnout. I'm looking forward to getting my stuff in soon. :o) I left there around 7:30 and went back home. I cooked some chicken alfredo and I decided to get into my wine. Well I was about to tear the kitchen up getting that stupid cork out! Lee usually opens my wine for me, but he was working. I finally got it open with the 3rd corkscrew. LOL. The old original plain jane standby didnt' let me down. I was yelling and screaming at that bottle trying to get it open for a while though! I was jerking on it and yelling " ALL I WANT IS A STUPID GLASS OF WINE!!!!!!" And I'd slam it down and go stir my noodles , then I'd come back and try some more. This routine happened several times. I was thinking the neighbor would be pretty entertained if they were watching. AFter my supper and glass of wine I was getting droopy eyed. I decided to go get in bed and try to finish the book I'm reading. Well, next thing I know, I'm waking up with my face in the book. So I rolled over at 9:20 or so and turned out the light. I'm getting old.
Today After the meeting we went to Pizza Hut with Dave and Emily then we went home, changed and headed to Pontotoc for Brett and Lila's. Me and Lila sat around chatting while Brett and Lee did stuff outside. Lila sent me home with some Jewelry she didnt' wear anymore . One girls trash is another girls treasure. :O)
Lee is gone cleaning the store now and I'm about to go have another wine tasting. :o) Maybe read some in my book..........


Heather said...

I wish I could've seen you opening that wine! At least it wasn't champagne! LOL I know what you mean about falling asleep with your face in a book. That's happened to me a lot lately!

Heather said...

Oh it was like a scene from a sitcom! I had a pile of cork shavings on the counter when I