Friday, July 24, 2009

Up with the sun

Ahhh.......feels good to wake up in the A.M. I slept for 8 hours yesterday and got up just in time to go to the meeting, then we went to bed about midnight last night and I slept really good until the dogs woke us both up out of really deep sleep. I'm guessing it was about 3 A.M. They were barking at some dalmation that walked up. I have no fear that anyone could break in on us. 4 dogs make a really good alarm system. So anyway, after that I tossed and turned and couldn't go back to sleep. MY brain was done with sleep. Time to think and remember things like, 'Hmmm I told one of my patients last night that I would bring them back some coffee. Plain black..... Did I take it back? Oh yeah, that wasn't last night that was tuesday night, ya I took it back to him. ' What do I need to buy at walmart today? I'd like to go to the library...... Just random thoughts like that for 2 hours or so. I just waited for it to start looking less black outside through the little crack between the edge of my curtain and my wall. Finally I got up at 5:20 and made my coffee and warmed up a peice of pound cake in the microwave. I sat on the porch and watched the sky turn bright while I sipped my coffee and ate my cake. I felt very awkward with my audience of pets staring at me. I guess the smell of coffee slowly reeled them in from wherever their hiding spots were. I think I know why my ivy doesn't grow very well in the side bed. The cats think it is a trampoline. Why is it so much fun to play, dig and sleep in flower beds????? And my containter of thyme makes a great hide and seek prop. You can swat through it at each other and jump over it and sometimes IN it. I EAT that! no wonder I get hairballs........haha. j/k.


Heather said...

I was up at 3:00 this morning too and couldn't go back to sleep good. Funny.

A relaxing morning with coffee and the sunrise sounds nice to me. I'm always rushing to get out the door when the sun is coming up!

Phil and Danielle said...

Sounds like you had a good morning. I'm glad. Coffee and pound cake really does sound good though. I didn't have breakfast this morning.