Thursday, July 23, 2009


I could not get out of the doors of the hospital fast enough! I am now free until aug 11th. :o) It has been a tense last couple of nights since the ' meeting' The entire shift left word that we wanted copies of our paper we had to sign, so we had our copies and an email to go with them. I was alright.......kinda cooled off about it , but we got another email.........mandatory overtime now. HAHAHA. " You are worthless pieces of crap................ by the way, I'm going to need you to work some more for me, K? " I hadn't read my email yet, but my charge nurse and another nurse were sitting there reading it and told me that I HAD to sign up for overtime. We had no choice according to our email. I looked up and said " oh I have another choice. " ( thinking another place of employment ) and they were grinning at me saying" oh ya now we are finally seeing Heather mad, " your face is getting red." SO anyway I am not happy about that. I will have to work a thursday night and a sunday night. I am not cool with working a thursday even once a year. If they think you'll give on it, they'll be scheduling it in thinking you'll just do it. I'm glad I'm off for a while. There's a storm brewing, it was brewing even before this all took place.
In other news...............we had all of the big stumps removed in our front yard yesterday. I think there were 12 and he was done in a couple of hours. Now we have nice piles of mulch left over all over the place. He did our neighbors house yesterday and came over and took a look at ours. Apparently he just drives around and goes door to door asking people if we need some stumps ground. I think he's from down around jackson. He normally charges 25 bucks per stump, but we ended up getting them for 17 because he miscounted and gave us the wrong price. :o) He still made 200 bucks in a couple of hours. And he made 200 off our neighbor, then Lee saw him down the road doing another yard. I'm thinking we need to get a stump grinder. :o)
Anyways, that's about all the exciting news from these parts.

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Heather said...

WOO HOO about being free for so long!! Try not to think too much about the work situation and enjoy your little vacation. I'm looking forward to Saturday! :)