Sunday, June 28, 2009


We just made it home from the convention. Great. It was just as I imagined it would be. As the brother labled it a " milestone" in theocratic history. It was like the final warning. But it was done in such a way that made you feel good. Not like " hey all you losers need to get your act Firm, but gentle instead. IT made us want to come home and sell everything. We've been discussing that anyway latley. Selling it all and buying a nice little trailer or build an ity bity house with an ity bity yard. IT seems like the way to go. So I will be praying for our land situation to be resolved so we can SELL it!
A couple of my favorite points to keep in memory............ the fact that the Ark was shut before the rain started to fall. So there goes the plans for all those who will just wait until things start looking tribulation-ish and then trying to do something for the truth. Also when he talked about the parallel between ancient babylon and modern day...... how the armies waded through the river. It wasn't dried the " waters" today who are those who support babylon the great, will not be all dried up either. There will still be some support when the war begins. Interesting stuff.
I caught up on sleep over the weekend. Friday and saturday nights I was in bed falling asleep before 9. :o) We would all lay on the beds and turn on tv and that was the end for me. If I get comfy and still, I go to sleep. So I had almost 12 hours of sleep each night. Tonight on the way home we stopped at Jim and Nick's in Jasper. We ate with Steve and Jonathan and Kara and Nathan. OF course Steve wouldn't let anyone pay for there meal. By the time we got our food the floodgates of Badged dressed up people opened. April and Larry were in a booth right next to us with Billy and Cathy. Matt and Kayla and Derek and Candace showed up, Heather and Brandon, Martha and Pappa, We saw Cliff and Sarah going through the door into the other room with who knows who else. Finally our waitress came and asked us, where are all of you coming from? She said the other waitresses were all asking each other and she said "well I'll go ask my table, I'm not scared" :o) She said the witnesses don't come knocking on her door in Double springs, but she lived in Texas and they did. I am almost sure that Double springs is in that unassigned territorythat Connects to ours. We always go through double springs when we go to smith lake. It's in the middle of nowhere.
When I got my bags unpacked and the laundry started, I sat down and read the first chapter in our new book. I'm going to try to take it nice and slow not blow through it just to say I've read it already. I think it's going to really be good. It reminds me or our pioneer school books with the really wide margins to make notes in. I wonder when we'll study it.

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Heather said...

Wasn't that an awesome convention?!!? WOW. There were so many points that I want to remember. And the talks were so touching. And the songs! I have cried at least once all every day during the convention. The drama did me in moving! Sorry we didn't see you until tonight at dinner, by the way. I looked for ya!