Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a pretty day today was....... and I just remembered I was supposed to get clarifier for the pool while I was at walmart.....................CRAP! After the meeting, I went to walmart for my lunch stuff for work ( lean pockets ) and some diapers and wipes for ANOTHER shower at work saturday. I am gifted out! IT is so much better to go to walmart at this hour. It is perfect..... the floor crew wasn't really getting going yet, and the stock people didn't have 12,000 pallets out yet. There were just a few people in the store. NICE. This may be my new shopping time frame. Man I can't believe I forgot clarifier! I was walking around thinking- " there's something else, what is it?" GUH rrrrrrr! Anyway. This is the last peace time I have before going back to work. Thursday after the meeting. Lee is at work for a couple of hours...... it's quiet........tomorrow at this time I will probably be running around chasing call lights and putting someone on a bedpan. So I'm sitting here smelling the gain in the air ( my sheets are in the wash ). I like my sheets to have a smell- a GOOD smell. Gain. I wish I could put freshly washed sheets on every night. I'm drinking my last miller chill. I looked at my lime in the fridge and thought " I hate to slice it for just one beer." Why didn't I? IT was like 30 cents! That's what I have them for! Speaking of limes- the lime slush at sonic is the bomb. Get one. Go between 2 an 4 pm when they're half price. :o) I think it would be delicious poured into a cute glass with a dash of tequila and a lime garnish. I'll have to try that. OR rum would be good too. :o)
I bought a Self magazine from the checkout line at walmart. Whenever I get into a frumpy, snacky, unmotivated slump, usually a self or a shape magazine remotivates me. :o) I'll have to say I've probably burned more calories and had more exercise in the last couple of days than I have in a long time. Especially from cleaning the pool. Today I cleaned on it some more..... it's looking better if only I had CLARIFIER! I learned last summer that it does work. I did a chlorine and pH test on it today- it is definitely shocked........PLENTY of chlorine. Nothing should be growing in there. I told Lee not to get in the pool unless he wanted to turn white. I think maybe he would be see through. And the pH was definitely low like low low......normal is a light to medium pink color on the tester- well it was almost Acid. so not only would you turn see through if you got in now, but you would also melt. LOL. j/k.
MY washer is done- time to load the dryer.

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