Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I thought this was a cool picture. That dot is the moon. Why does the moon look so small when you take a picture of it? Anyway......After I woke up this afternoon, I helped Lee mark the spots for fence posts down the front of our land. He got on the tractor and used that drill looking thing to dig the holes. While he did that, I planted some flox

that mom gave me and I planted the clematis vine. Then I finally broke down and carried all the wood off the porch. About 5 wheel barrow trips of wood.....that was my workout for today, or this After supper ( jerk pork chops, slaw, and potato skins. ) Yum! WE went back out and Lee put posts in the holes he dug and I started a fire. We kept walking over what he bush hogged and picking up tree trunks and stuff and tossing it on there. It was a pretty good sized fire. It's still blazing out there. I'm sure it will be burning for several more hours. All the pups and cats were out there with us watching the fire. The cats go wherever we go. We always have a train stretched out behind us... and now there are puppies in our train too.

Time for some blueberry cheesecake..................

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Heather said...

Wow - ya'll were busy! We really need to get out and do some major yardwork too! Love the pic, btw.