Thursday, March 5, 2009


I didnt' know it was possible to make chocolate covered pretzels nasty, but Lee has educated me. I just walked in the door and I go into the kitchen and I see little chocolate pretzels laid out on the counter on foil. I helped myself to one and immediatly quit chewing and walked to the garbage can with my mouth open and the pretzel out on the end of my tongue. YUCK!!!! BURNED chocolate! Poor boy. I should make some and replace his nasty ones before he wakes up. OH!!!! Do you think he got the chocolate out of my glass bowl before it got hard again??????
I learned something new at work......... our pharmacy stocks wine! I had a patient with orders for a glass of wine every night at bedtime. I had to walk down to pharmacy and pick it up in a cute little medicine bottle. ( They use Mogen David - I asked. ) So if I ever end up in the hospital, I will keep that in mind. :o) Some of the other nurses told me they've had patients with orders for beer twice a day too.
The puppies are getting cute! And loud! I'll try to take some pictures and post today or tomorrow.


Heather said...

Wine & beer in the pharmacy? And it's prescribed? That's crazy! I'll have to tell Brandon about that and see if the hospital he works at does it too.

Gary and Emily said...

I have been thinking about the puppies wondering how big they are better not let them get wild!! And fix your date, geez!!!!