Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sweet Potato Pie

Mmmmmmmm. I decided to try making sweet potato pie tonight. I've never made one. I made it from the real potatoes too, not dumping it out of the can. I haven't tasted it yet. It smells good. I'm going to wait until Lee gets home with some cool whip. :o) I halfway followed a recipe in my bells best book. I rarely follow a recipe just as it is written. I'll leave some ingredients out and add some that aren't listed. Then it's awesome and I have to remember what I did. That happens alot. Lee will be like " MAN that was good. What was it? " And I'll be like, " uh, I don't know and I will probably never be able to make it again. "
I'm sore! I've actually doing manual harbor this weekend. Yesterday I raked and messed around in my flower bed. Today I picked up where I left off yesterday. I am redoing my front bed. I pulled up the black edging stuff all along the front. I found some old bricks in the backyard, so I used them to make a new edge for a corner half circle shaped bed. I'm planning on replacing the bricks soon with some new stones from walmart. And putting them across a bed that will join my corner bed and go all the way across the front. Then the whole thing will be matching again. I dug up and split some of my liriope ( I guess that how it's spelled ) and replanted along the edge of the new bed. Then I transplanted some hostas into it. I dug up some dianthus that was coming back up and put it in a pot. Haven't decided where it's new home will be yet. I planted 8 caladium bulbs throughout the new bed. I think for now I will just wait and see what I've got as my plants start sprouting back up. Right in the corner of the flower bed is a bush I planted last year that is really putting on alot of flowers! Pink fuzzy looking things. I can't think of the name of that bush ! Very cool. I wouldn't mind buying another one. I also raked and burned a bunch of leaves. The puppies kept wanting to get IN the buring pile. They learned quick though. There was one that figured out is was a nice warm place to sleep. He would get about 3 feet from a pile and sleep until it was out. Then he'd go find another one to go curl up next to. IT's supposed to be a nice sunny day tomorrow too. I may mulch some tomorrow. And figure out what to do with the patio. I have so many containers with mums in them sitting around from fall. And I want to move the fire place. Plenty to keep me busy.
Lee was on the tractor while I was in the yard. He's been bush hogging all over the place. It's weird to see the ground again out there. Of course we have less privacy now from the road and the place across the road where they're building a new house. I'll have to make sure the curtain is closed when changing clothes in the bedroom now. LEe probably won't. He will go on the porch in his underwear, so I don't think he'll worry about closing the curtain.
Oooo! My coneflowers are starting to sprout! I'll take a new picture tomorrow if I think about it.
It's about time for Lee to get home with the cool whip.

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