Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I had so much touble taking a good picture of my plants! This is blurry, but oh well, you can see them. So far it is mostly thyme that is coming up. I can't wait until the coneflowers start growing. That is the ones I want most of all! IT is so nice outside! I want to be in my flower bed. I do need to plant some bulbs this weekend. I bought some caladium and clematis bulbs.
I wish I could stay home instead of go to work. I was ready to walk out the door last night by 10. People drive me NUTS!!!! They don't understand that they are not the ONLY patient on the floor! Self centered, unthankful, me first attitudes. Sometimes you just want to put them in their place and say " well guess what... I have 11 other people that have a medicine due at 9 pm and you will have to wait your turn. Probably wouldn't put it that nicely. If I stay at this job, I will have to get some xanax! I don't understand why we are the biggest floor in the hospital, but don't have more staff than the others. What sense does that make????? And we get all CRAZY people! They stay up ALL night! being crazy. You talk to other floor nurse and they'll have 6 patients, and guess what they are bored. Their patients are actually ASLEEP!!!!!!! Well, guess what I have 12 and 13 and they are all awake, trying to jump out of bed, or want someone to come move there foot over 3 inches every 6 minutes! LOL! Then you have those that think they have to take some kind of medicine if their eyes are open. Can I have maalox, can I have tylenol, I need a laxative because it's 3 am and NOW I am thinking I need something to make me go to the bathroom. That's important at 3 am. LOL I am READY for some VACATION!!!!!!!!!


Heather said...

LOL! You are a better person that me...I couldn't handle it!

Heather said...

Ha! I was so agitated I just realized I didn't even post my picture!!!!! LOL! Let me try again.