Monday, March 30, 2009

ME and my guitar

After the meeting I took a long nap- until about 5 pm...... then started getting my tasty roast ready. Mmmmmmmmm it was in the oven since 9 am..... We will be eating BBQ for a while good. The whole bone pulled right out of knife necessary. Yum.....anyway.....I cut all my coupons out of my sunday paper......this week was a good one! I have a huge pile of coupons! And I don't clip every one. I only clip ones for things I will use. I have quite a selection of shampoo, and deodorant coupons now....I think I have on for every brand. Jack pot in the paper today. Some weeks are better than others. My coupon organizer is getting smaller by the minute....I may have to upgrade to the big daddy. LOL.
So anyway, while Lee was gone to work, I fished around on itunes. There is a series called Pickin On....... well they have done EVERYONE from metalica to Jimmy Buffet. They do bluegrass versions of other people's stuff. Anyway, I like alot of them. So far I have margaritaville and sharp dressed man. They are pretty cool. It makes want to have a hoe down and a hay ride.......LOL! So after listening to a ton of stuff I got in the mood to PLAY some I've been sitting here with the fender jammin out.....just sitting here with my itunes library open, trying to see how many songs I can halfway play along with. MY fingers are in some serious pain now. I don't play enough, so they are soft and man they hurt when they are soft. Fret fingers. Even bay bay came and I turned up the distortion for some ZZ top and he was just standing there in front of the amp staring at it like " WHAT IS THAT CRAP!!??" HAHAHA! I need to start shopping around for an acoustic......I want one. And I want something unique......something besides wood Taylor Swift's black rhinestone one....yaaaaaaaaaa. That would be sweet.:o) I need to play more......and stick to the same songs and LEARN them........I play a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing.
Ok time to go.......sound like Lee is tearing something up.........


Heather said...

I haven't gone through the Sunday coupons yet; they're piled up on the table waiting on me. I went to Kroger Friday though and racked up with my coupons...My total came down $30 when she scanned them!! WOOHOO!

Anonymous said...

I think I am a pretty good thrify shopper. And I CAN be an awesome organizer. But I just haven't gotten a handle on coupons. And I should be really good. Back in the day, Momma, Steve Johnson, and one other person, I think, would collect coupons and pass they ones they didn't need among themselves and you got the envelope you put in the ones you don't need and take the ones you do. I think that is a cool idea. Momma was the type that paid VERY little or nothing, or she could sometimes get money back ! And she did rebates, CASH rebates, they add up....but like I said I need to just learn and get down the basics!!!