Wednesday, February 11, 2009


THis morning after I got home from work, I went to see the dentist. Bluhhh..... MY 6 months cleaning and checkup. No cavities! She told my me teeth were in good shape. NO tarter. OF couse the usual " floss EVERY DAY" speech- I hate flossing! LOL! Hey- at least I use scope- that's better than nothing. :o) So then comes the dentist..... I different one than I have had in there before. About 3 different ones rotate in this office. I liked him too. They're all good and friendly. I was affraid they were going to tell me that they needed to go ahead and pull my wierd little extra tooth in the front of my mouth this time, but they didn't see the need to do it now. I have been dreading the day that comes out for years. It's a weird little Piece of a tooth that was supposed to be a permanent that didn't form right. And it's right behind the baby tooth that it should have pushed out and replaced. Ya- I still have a baby tooth. When they try to get the weird tooth out there 's a chance that it will dislodge the baby tooth too. Then I'll have a hole in the edge of my smile. Dr horn told me I Could consult an orthodontist to see if he could maybe do something with braces to close the gap, but I don't want braces at age 26...... I'll just wait for perfection. Insurance does not pay for braces. :) So for now, I just enjoy having my baby tooth and dread the day they have to pull my extra tooth. I'm not done with the dentist though. I go back tomorrow....................... I'm feeling old now. I've had to have several of my bottom molars pulled. Especially on my left side. I do pretty good with eating, considering I do most of my chewing with my front teeth- but Chips can REALLY hurt when they jab into the gums at the right angle. The dentist told me that since those top teeth have nothing to bite against, I will start having something called hyper-eruption where they start to come down lower. They are looking for something to bite against. When this happens it can cause lots of problems for my upper teeth. He thought maybe they had already started coming down some. Sooooooooo to prevent future problems with my top teeth AND to just be able to eat more comfortably- I'm getting a partial. :o) I go get my mold made tomorrow. Better do it now while I have insurance that will help me pay for it. I figured it wouldn't pay much. I was thinking maybe 25- 30%, but I was surprised to find out it'll pay for 50%. So about a month from now I will join my senior friends and have a cup of teeth in my bathroom- LOL~


Heather said...

Well, if it will help you eat better that's OK. Maybe it will be comfortable.

one and only said...

Hey its so cool when you can chew,you will love it!!! Trust me!