Sunday, February 15, 2009

HhhhhhhuuuurrrrrrrrMmmmMmmmmm ( yawn)

Ha! That's how you spell out a yawn. Still awake.......for 29 hours and counting. Didn't go home to bed after the meeting today. Didn't want to miss a sunny day. Went to Pickle Barrel with Gary and Emily and Gary and Donna and Mike and Selena after the meeting. Today was our final visit from the C.O. Wonder who we'll have next and where they'll come from.
We went home and changed and headed to mom's to visit with Gary and Janice. Watched the daytona 500 in the meantime. The camera view that looks like you're sticking your head up out of a manhole in the track is so weird. I hope that camera man gets paid good. LOL~ I really wonder how they get that. I got to see what it looks like to be a frog crossing the highway. I know what it looks like to have a tire run over your face. Very informative. LOL! Anyway........ I had a slight burst of energy when I got home, but I hate to wash dishes- there's alot in the sink. So instead I cleaned my fish tank glass and my thermometer and took the pump out and washed it up and put a new filter in. I've had the same filter in for months and months. It looked like the monster from the black lagoon. The fish seem very happy now. I think the new filter is like a breath of fresh air for them. That and now they can see better through the glass. They were probably looking at my face going " whoa, that big blob out there has 2 blinking eyes." Not in the mood to wash the bushes, the cow and the tractor. Those are inside the fish tank too. A ' fish farm ' -( rim shot please )- Those will have to wait until some later date when I get in the mood to clean them.
Ok, so my coffee is wearing off- I just spent the last 5 minutes staring at a blue piece of tape that's stuck to the computer desk. And then I'm like, oh ya, I was typing. Anyway, Lee has been working and working on that old barn behind our house. He has a plan to somehow turn it into his shop. He's cleaned all of the junk out of it and tore the entire back wall out of it. So the cats have been using it for their sunset viewing area in the evening since the open end faces west. Well, today he took me out there and showed me how he strung up one of those 4 foot long shop lights in there, or maybe there's two. For what, I'm not sure- all I know is I look out my back door and it looks like the supercenter glowing out there. The cat's are probably all layed out under it.
That's the scoop...............time for me to get in my snowflake pj's and veg on the couch.

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Heather said...

I cleaned my aquarium (well halfway) over the weekend too. My fish seem much happier! :)