Sunday, February 8, 2009

Assembly's nice to be in my sweat pants and a tank top! Of the last 48 hours, 24 of them have been in panty hose! Lee looks at me all goofy when we get home and I make a mad dash to the bedroom and start stripping out of my hose- " AAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh " I say. And Lee says " maybe you should get a bigger size. "-------------- MAybe I should wrap these around your FACE....LOL! MAybe he should put a pair of leggs on that are too big and see what happens. Be looking like a gangsta, whichya saggin hose. Be walking like a little plastic toy soldier with it's feet attached to each other at the bottom.
So anyway.....we went to the 2 day this weekend. We didn't know anyone of course. Well, I saw Brian and Tracy Donner down stairs.....looking pregnant. And Br Wilson from Tupelo. He spotted me and came up to my seat to say hi. I was impressed. People in my own kingdom hall don't recognize me with me dark hair. He never said a word about it Oh ya and we knew Sarah and Cliff- they were interviewed by Greg Woodson. SO that was all . Very good experiences.....the most interesting to me was a sister who talked about having problems with demons.....since she was a little girl, when she started studying , they REALLY REALLY bothered her. She said that's how she new it was the truth, because they didn't get " angry " when she visited other major churches. Yikes...... they ran up and down the stairs and across in front of her face when they were angry. She could barely make it through the interview. She had to stop several times.
I'm ready to be outside.....I hope maybe tomorrow it'll still be warm and won't rain. We had to spend this nice sunny weekend indoors. Oh well, more to come. Can't wait for spring! Gardening! Flower beds! Tan! Fresh mowed LAwn! CAMPING! have to go camping before it gets too too warm.

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Rachel said...

Oh my God! I can't believe that woman had so many problems with demons. That had to be the scariest thing ever. :S