Sunday, January 25, 2009

We had a nice dinner. Ham, potatoes, lima beans, corn, rolls.......cake. We had anniversary presents too. Mom bought me a nice stainless knife set with a block, and there's a knife sharpener built into the block. I've been wanting a set with a block for a while. Emily bought me a new vaccuum......mine died a while back. Lee got money ( dad told him he could go get a welding helmet while they're on sale. ) and a gift card to auto zone from Gary- He always has something he wants in there. :o) I didnt' have my camera, but Emily did. Maybe she'll send me some pictures.
We had a good shopping day friday. We were gone from 10 am to almost 10 pm........ :o) I bought some shirts from Belk, penny's, and NY&Co. And I bought some stuff in Bath and Body works. They have almost EVERything in there on sale! stuff for a dollar. They have this lip gloss stuff that I like to use and it's normally 7.50 a tube and I bought some for 1.87 a tube! Woo Hoo! Lot's of stuff was 5 dollars. I refrained.......I need to use the scents I have. Right now I have..... the black raspberry vanilla and the pearberry body sprays...and some kind of sweet pea body luster- it is a lotion with glitter. Then I have the tahiti sweetie lotion.......and I have summer smoothie body spray and lotion from I think I have plenty of smells. I get tired of them easy so I have to alternate. :o) I bought a cute dragon fly ring and I bought a ring to wear on my ring finger at work. I won't wear my real stuff up there. Lot's of women have pulled there rings off in there glove and lost it. So I'm wearing a sterling silver ' wedding band ' . So many patients want to set there son or grandson up with a nice little Or set themselves up with one....hahaha. I'm tired of explaining why I don't have a wedding ring on. So now I have that problem fixed for about 12 bucks. :o) Kohls and Penny's both had their good silver stuff on sale. My ' wedding ring' was 12 bucks marked down from 36.00.
At the end of the evening we met up with Lee and Gary at Chilis. I think we go there more than anywhere else. I don't think I've ever had anything I didn't like there. After we went to chilis we went to Dicks Sporting goods and played with the Had to work off some cals. They sure do want alot for there clothes there. I was looking at jogging pants and stuff or a good tank with the sports bra for playing tennis..... they are rediculous! I think I'll just get mine at walmart.
Time to go poke the fire. Lee chopped up something. Enough for tonight.


Heather said...

First of all, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I'm glad you guys had a good weekend. The dinner sounds nice, and shopping sounds fun. It's always nice to find good deals!! I'm waiting on my unemployment check from a few weeks ago, and when it comes in, *I'm* going shopping!

Gary and Emily said...

sooo, did lees present come in ???