Friday, January 30, 2009

Plumbing problems

The kitchen sink has been stopped up for 2 or 3 days now. We finally decided it's going to take alot of work. Gallons of draino have done nothing. Plunger does nothing. when the same draino water sits in it over night you know there is really something wrong. Lee bought some kind of thing that's supposed to snake down through the pipe and it has a beater looking thing on the end..... I'll be at work when he does that. Something tells me the kitchen will be in an even bigger mess in the morning when I get home. We went to subway for supper. I can't use anymore dishes. They're everywhere stacked and dirty......waiting for the sink to work. Yuck!
Lee has gone down the road to set some dog food out....... There has been this black and white cow dog living at the end of the road. Hanging around a house that no one lives in. He/she obviously doesn't get food alot. Lee told me he set some dogfood out down there a couple days ago and the next day it was gone and we haven't seen the dog. Well, on the way to Okolona I saw him sitting out there again. And on the way back he was sleeping by the ditch. So Lee is gone again to go feed him/her. I won't be surprised if he comes back with an extra passenger. That's how we got the dog we have. He found her as a little puppy by the road and brought her home. THE DAY we closed on our house. WE weren't even moved in.
That's all the excitment going on today.

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