Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Phew! Work out!

I fell off the workout wagon a while back......just had no energy and no motivation. I think it's something most of us do......let ourselves plump up during the cold months when our big coats and shirts hide the pudge. The cold grey skies are not motivation to do anything. So I kick started myself back into things this evening. Last year I did this, but in March while Lee was gone to Kansas for a month. I lost 15 pounds in that month and got back into jeans I hadn't worn in a couple years. I'm starting earlier this year. :o) Maybe it will help my mood. They say exercise releases happy hormones. :o) I need to put on one of my bikinis and see how much damage I have to IF it ever dries out again I can start riding my bike around the property again. I enjoy that. I think I could get into biking. I definitely need a new seat! How can riding on a half soft seat for an hour make you feel like you have stood in one spot and let someone kick your butt for about 8 hours straight?! Like if you went to a Can Can practice session and bent over right in front of them and let them practice for hours! LOL! - I have no idea why that picture popped into my head........but it would be really funny commercial for a bike seat..... hahahaha. I should write commercials.

I am trying to pamper myself lately....... well to me it's pampering- to some it's normal self Like Applying lotion Man my skin feels so nice and soft. And my FEET! The best 97 cents I've spent- this little mini whatever kind of stone it is that you use to smooth your skin. One side of the thing is that and the other looks like a microscopic cheese grater for your MY feet are like new! Like a baby! And Lee did it! I think he like feet. He always likes it when I have my 'french' toenails...LOL! I laid on one end of the couch watching tv and he was on the other end " grating " my feet. LOL! I was wishing my camera was within arms reach so I could have proof.

AND he bought me an hour long swedish massage at the Gloster Creek Salon and Spa. :o) I'm so glad he got the swedish....I can't take deep tissue massage at ALL. Any pressure hurts to me. Maybe my muscles are just super tense. Anyway........I'm looking forward to that. I've never had a real massage before. And he bought me a gift certificate to bed bath and beyond. I love gift certificates.... :o) SO far nothing on his gift. I'm going to email them and see what's up. Evidently it is permanently out of stock or something.


Heather said...

Go Lee!! He needs to talk to Brandon. Our anniverary is coming up, and I could definitely go for a massage. ;o) And I do wish you had your camera handy. I want proof he grated your feet. ROFLOL!

I need to start exercising. I told Brandon I think it would help me have some energy in the afternoons. Well, that and not getting up at 4:30 every day for work. But yet, exercise would help and maybe I could get into some of the clothes hanging in my closet!

Gary and Emily said...

Man, when I had to get up at 4:30 to go to work there was nothing I could do! I never adjusted to it. Thankfully I don't have to do that very often anymore.I used to just come home and pass out on the couch. heehee