Thursday, January 1, 2009

A brand new year. I woke up at noon...I hope that won't be the pattern for the rest of the year. I slept hard! I was tired! Yesterday got up early and went in service with Ryan and Roy, and Jerry and Ladonna. We all loaded up the van. I was glad because it was cold and windy. If I'm counting right I think there were 18 peolple out yesterday. Nice group. After service we went to McDonalds - I had to have a mcrib before they are gone- and then went to Ryan and Angela's. Lee and Ryan worked on Ryan's mazda. After the kids went down for a nap, Angela, Me, and Roy went to look at a house Angela found in the paper that is about 5 minutes from my house. It needs alot of work, but it's a neat place.

When we got back to Angela's we just bummed around and decided to watch a movie- Angela has a hundred+ netflix, + apple tv..... I had never watched the devil wears prada, so I decided to watch that one. Of course the kids were up just in time to watch it with us. The picture is Nick and Mia getting ready for the movie to come on....hehe.

After the movie we had steaks and Ryan wanted to watch Ironman. He had bought the we stayed and watched that too. I hadn't had the chance to see anything on blueray and I love ironman. I'd like to buy it too. I couldn't notice a huge difference with the blueray. It seemed like maybe the sound was sharper..... anway, when that was over we headed home and amazingly hit no road block.

I tried to order my project 365 kit, but it is already out of stock. :o( Hhhhhh I wish I would have woke up at 9 am. I really want that thing!!!!


Gary and Emily said...

she painted and has the same colors I do !!! what a copy cat!! haha. yea right Don't think shes ever seen my house.

Heather said...

Angela's kids are so cute!! It *was* cold & windy in service yesterday...we had a small group but worked rural territory so we weren't out of the car much!

OH and YES...majorly BUMMED about Project 365!! :( I tried and tried to call today and order but never could get through. The CK website says they are working to get more ordered so hopefully they will. I'm going to keep an eye out and in the meantime keep taking my pics every day. If I have to make my own album I will.