Sunday, December 28, 2008

slow weekend

This weekend has been so slow. It has been so boring- well today wasn't so bad. I feel so OLD and non-social. Sometimes I want to be around other people so bad! It gets a little old just being around Lee .....LOL! He is perfectly content doing nothing with anyone, but I have to have contact with other humans now and then. Saturday I went into town to Catos and walmart just to see other humans.....I came back with 3 new shirts and a neclace. I knew I was going to spend some money when I was driving towards town, but I didn't care. Retail therapy! We went to Tupelo last night because Lee had an advertisement from harbor freight for a welder he wanted, but of course they didnt' have it- they only ordered 2 and they were sold. STUPID! We went to Lowes and bought the paint for the bedroom and then went to Applebees. SO good. I had quit going there for a few years because the service was bad, but they are under different management now and it was really good. This morning I got up early and made some biscuits ( opened bag, put 3 biscuits on pan, put in oven), and studied my ready, curled my hair a little. I was feeling good- I had done all of that and not in a mad rush - just before we walk out the door, I realized I studied NEXT weeks lesson!!!! UGH! So I just speed read todays lesson on the way to the hall. And I thought I was sooooo organized and ready. HA! never. We went to Monica's house for lunch after the meeting. She fed the speaker- Br deans. Elizabeth came and Jerry and Ladonna. We stayed for a long time. I really enjoyed it. When we got home I finished painting the chest and the nightstand. As soon as they are dry, I can get all of my clothes out of the floor in the bedroom. I can't wait to see the chest with the drawers back in it. I have painted on wall in my bedroom.....I LOVE it! It is exactly the color I had in my head. Usually I see one color in my head, but what I buy ends up not looking like what I had in mind. Well I got it just right this time! I wanted elephant and I got elephant. It is going to be quite a bit darker which is going to help me sleep way better! I want a dark sleepy room and I think I am going to get it. Now we just got done eating supper - I made the most awsome slaw ever- like in the history of mankind. LOL! Needless to say- I over I'm trying to wait a while before I go back to painting. UGH! That is my weekend in a nutshell.......exciting stuff.

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