Thursday, December 25, 2008

I feel nasty!

Time to get in the SHOWER!!!! I feel like I have done nothing but play in dirty diapers and peg tubes ( a tube that put's liquid food into your stomach ) all night. I was flushing out this one peg tube and a port popped open on the other side and sprayed stuff in my hair....YUCK!!!! I guess it could have been worse and went in my mouth or! Gross...... glad this week is finally OVER!!!! Every night has had some kind of craziness. One night we had to code a woman........and her little 11 year old grandson was staying with her by himself. Poor kid. He was sleeping next to her on the little bedside chair/bed thing and we had to wake him up and yank him out of the room while we coded her. He was so scared. I'm sure he'll never forget that night. At least she made it. That code was a little funner than usual because we got to shock her..... we don't get to do that very often. They really do jump up when you shock. I rarely get to do chest compressions because they always put me to writing. YUCK! Everything that goes on and the time it happens and the person who does it has to be documented..... and evidently I'm the only person on my shift that they think can pay attention. I hate doing it and it really stresses me out because if something went major wrong and people decide to sue.......that documentation is all me and I'd be all up in the middle of it. You pretty much have to pay attention to 3 or 4 things at a time and people are yelling out medicines and numbers and you have to keep up with how long it's been since they last gave epi or atropine and if they can give another one and keep up with any vital signs or heart rhythym..........ya it is no fun. At least I know I won't be doing any of that for the next 7 days. :o) Now it is time to lay on the couch and CHILL!
I was thinking on my way home ( and I think this every christmas day) " well, it's all over now......and all of the regret and worries have set in about how much money has been spent. All the wrapping paper is wadded up in the garbage and the 'christmas spirit' with it. Everyone will be back to their normal lives now that they have been ' a cheerful giver ' for the last few weeks. So they don't have to think about being good or generous or smile or do something nice for a perfect stranger for the next 11 months. Now it's time to get out the ladder and start the hard task of taking down all those lights and pack up the incorrect nativity scene including the 3 'wise men' who are miraculously present when Jesus is laying in the manger, and smile and feel all warm and fuzzy as they take down the stockings and think of how they successfully lied to their children again this year and told them santa came. - and it's all for Jesus.:o) - who was born on a date( that was not in december ) that was so important to make this big of a deal out of that it was never mentioned in the bible ever by anyone. This makes perfect sense! And I just smile... as I think about all that I ' miss out ' on.


Rachel said...

EWWWW!!! I would have thrown up if that stuff had gotten on me anywhere. I just can't handle it. LOL. I know I'm ready for the christmas crap to be over with. Move on people!

Heather said...

YUCK!!! You and Brandon and all the other health-related job people can have the bodily fluids. I don't envy ya'll that at all...just give me my computer and I'm good. ;o) Oh and YES - Christmas is almost over! I second everything you said!