Friday, December 26, 2008

Early bird

I got up at 4 am this morning to the sound of Milo meowing at my bedroom door.....then the growl and hissing. We let one of the small cats stay in last night. He likes to irritate Milo and Milo I guess is chewing him out in meow/hiss/spit language. So I put them both outside, but it was too late.....I was awake. That's ok though- I slept for about 14 hours yesterday and was up for a few hours and slept 4 hours last night so I've recooped from work now. I should be good for the next 7 days. I have already showered, cleaned up the living room, washed and put away a bunch of dishes, and done some studying. And the day is just begining. I'm having my delicious " frosty's favorite " flavored coffee. It is my favorite so far in the sample flavors of coffee I ordered.
It is so interesting looking outside. The fog so thick, hanging like a curtain. So quiet. I think the animals are kind of intrigued by it too. As I was washing dishes and looking out the window, I could see out in the middle of the yard 2 cats sitting up straight and tall just about 10 feet apart staring out into the fog. They sat there a stared for a long time - like statues. Maybe they were listening to all the drips. And the dog was slowly walking around and sniffing into the air with her head way back and her nose as high in the air as she could get it. Then here come the curious cats. It was like they had JUST realized that Lee's truck was parked right there by their shed. I see one cat hop up on the tailgate and balance on the edge of the bed and walk up towards the cab, then I see another white paw reach over the tailgate and then here comes the rest of the cat up onto the edge of the bed. A few seconds later here's another paw and cat attached to it up into the bed. Then a FOURTH cat plops into the bed. By now they are covering each section of Lee's little ranger. A cat on the hood licking the windshield wiper, one on the roof looking at me in the kitchen, one in the bed of the truck climbing on mop buckets and one balanced on the top of the tailgate licking the dew off. Something caught my eye- some movement inside the cab of the truck. I squint my eyes and sure enough, I see a cat looking out the steamed up window at me. Ha! I'm not sure how that was happening-evidently Lee opened the back glass. I'll let that be his surprise later. The dog was standing nearby studying all of them very closely. I was really wishing my kitchen window was cleaner so I could snap a picture of the scene. If only they made CAT-X. You wash your car in it and cats are instantly repelled. Their paws just can't stick to it at all- like ice.
I found a mysterious stain on my counter top UNDER the coffee maker that was pulled out from it's normal little spot up against the wall . It doesn't come off. It's kind of a grey/smoke/burnt looking spot that is very suspicious. I'll have to interogate Lee later when he wakes up....... I'm sure he will have NO idea how that spot got there. The cat must have dropped his cigar and burned the counter while we weren't looking- and then put the coffee maker on top of it. I may never know where it came from.

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