Friday, November 21, 2008


Ok, I don't know WHAT crawled on my arm last night while I was in bed, but it was not cool! Whatever it was, it was heavy enough that it actually woke me up out of a good sleep. Of course the room was pitch black and I couldn't see what it was. I just shook my arm almost off and sat straight up in bed trying to see if I felt anything moving on my bed. It felt like it had cold toes. So I'm thinking a mouse or maybe a lizard. I told Lee to cover his head because I was turning on the light. ( He was thinking I'm insane at this point because I have done all this shaking and shooting up out of the bed in total silence. ) So of course when the light is on I see nothing. There was a pillow that had fallen off the bed and was just leaned up on the side of the bed. I think whatever it was just walked right up the pillow and onto my arm. UGH!!!!! I really hope it was a mouse or lizard because if it was a spider, it was HUGE! With cold toes! LOL! From now on Lee is sleeping on the side of the bed against the wall.
In other news: I made an appointment for my little Ollie to be fixed on Monday. The lady laughed because I told her that I have a cat that's popping kittens out like a rabbit. That will be one major thing off my todo list. I still have 2 more tom cats that need to be fixed soon and then there's her last batch of kittens. I guess I'll fix them all. I guess they will be living here unless someone decides they want a half grown cat. I don't want them to start reproducing and start the circle all over again. So we have a small zoo here pretty much. Well, a cat zoo.

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Heather said...

OK, on the critter running across your arm - EWWW! I totally know what you mean. When Brandon and I were first married, I was rudely awoken by a small critter with cold toes running across my FACE! It was promptly followed by our cat Sam running across my face after it. I came straight up out of that bed screaming and immediately went and took a shower. GROSS.

Yay for the kitty getting fixed! Maybe you'll be able to find a home for some of her babies. You should ask Jeannie. They want some barn cats and don't want little kittens b/c something happened to the last kitten they got. :(