Thursday, June 23, 2011

Using my menu plan

This week is week #1 of hopefully a new habit - Menu planning. So far it is awesome! First of all.... I used the       template that had the menu and the grocery list on the same page. It was all so organized, thought out, and right there all laid out in front of me. I haven't done that thing where you get half way into making supper and you realize..... Awwwww  MAN! I forgot to buy onion! That happens to me quite often. Not this week!  I wasn't buying random stuff that I thought I  might need sometime for something. Hopefully this leads to more space in my cabinets. That also translated to a pretty good final bill at checkout.  I didn't take the time to go through my coupons that time and I still was very satisfied with my bill.  It's been nice knowing exactly what was going to be cooked for supper way ahead of time. I don't have to stand there going through cabinets and the fridge trying to figure out ' What did I buy to cook anyway?" .  I don't know if Lee has figured out he can check the menu on the fridge to see what's going to be done when he gets home or not. He'll probably like that too.So anyway , that's my 2 cents. Maybe I'll inspire someone else to try it. :o)

P.S... remember my post about LOVING summer dresses? I'm sitting here in one that I've owned for about 30 minutes. HAHA! Tag still hanging on. $6 ! Can't beat it!

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