Thursday, February 10, 2011

cleaning cleaning cleaning!

Our  trailer made it here wednesday morning!  Now the task of cleaning it.  At some point it was smoked in. That is so hard to clean! We washed the walls and the ceiling twice. Lee decided to just put a nice coat of fresh paint on the ceiling. He did that this afternoon. We took all the vents down and washed them. The big main AC vent was so yellowed that he just spray painted it back to white. I am very seriously considering painting the walls too.... they look really dingy now that Lee painted the ceiling white.  I got mom's carpet cleaner machine today and spent a couple hours working on the couch. MAN! BLUH!!!!! I did it 3 times, and I keep getting yucky brown water. I also have to do the cover things that hang above the windows that match the couch cushions. I did the little carpeted area in front of the couch, then did the carpet in the bedroom. WOW! THAT WAS NASTY! It looked like coffee water in my canister!  Our theory is that one single person lived in it. The bunks looked like they were never used. This person must have never cooked either. I  guess ate out a bunch. The oven looks unused, and the metal things the pans sit on on the gas stove top look like they don't have a scratch.  I love the little lights everywhere. It uses tiny tiny lights like a blinker or dome light bulb. No wonder the power bills are low in these things!  I am surprised that they put off enough light, but they do.  It's going to be so fun to figure out how to squeeze our ' necessities '  in there. :o)
I've already found a spot I can put a skinny pantry.....I just have to find one that small. Walmart sure didn't have anything. Bed bath and beyond maybe?
  I'll try to take a picture  soon when I get all the vents put back up and my mess cleaned up.

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Heather said...

The closest one is in Atlanta, but a trip to an Ikea would be the ideal thing for you! They are all about organizing small living spaces. Jeannie took me there, and I loved it. Maybe we need to make a road trip! ;)