Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boil away the germs

I just got out of a 5oo degree bath tub..........I think I got the hospital off of me. Yuck. I have messed with more blood and poo, puke and wound drainage this week than I cared to. I didn't want the bottom of my pant legs to touch the floor when I got home. I smelled like a huge rubber glove too. So I just made myself a bath as hot as I could stand it, poured in some skin so soft, leaned back and read in a book. So nice.

When I got off work this morning, I went to breakfast with my nightshift at Shockley's on Gloster. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I had some delicious blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup and some hash browns. I will be going back to that place. Everyone's plates looked yummy. Oh! and they have chocolate gravy on the menu! IT's so close to the hospital, you can look out the window on our floor and see it. :o) PErfect.

I went to our employee health fair yesterday morning and got my flu shot and TB skin test. Woopy. I also signed up for a Sam's card. I've been wanting to get one. We get some kind of group discount through the hospital. I got my card for 30 bucks. A girl I work with got one last year just on her own and it was 56 bucks, so that's a nice discount. I'm looking forward to using it. I can have another person on my account........ I'll have to think about it. I don't see Lee going shopping there alone.

Anyway, that's my spill. I'm going to go finish my book " Alice I have been. " I am supposed to post a review about it on goodreads. It's pretty cool to be reading a book no one can buy yet. One of the front pages says " These are uncorrected proofs. Please do not quote for publication until you check your copy against the finished book. " It looked good to me. I didn't notice any horrible mistakes in it................... It's a story of the life of Alice in wonderland as a child, and grown up as a wife, and as a mother. Very Very good book. needs to be a movie.

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Heather said...

YUCK. Your night sounds like no fun! Are you working tonight? I will probably be spending the night in the ICU waiting room tonight...I brought my bag and don't plan on leaving unless Daddy just makes a marked improvement.

We saw the health fair sat up downstairs when we got here yesterday. We should've gotten in line. LOL

That book sounds really interesting!! I'll have to watch for it and read it when it comes out. I have your MHC book with me, btw. I will probably finish it today. It's really good!