Thursday, August 27, 2009

bargains bargains bargains

These last few days I have really got some good deal! Let me see if I can list them

Today I was at walmart walking around the kitchen stuff and the stock lady told me she was marking these 25 dollar cake plates down to 5 bucks! I didn't have a nice pretty glass cake plate, so I gobbled it up. :o) Monday me and Mom went to Dirt cheap and I bought some cover girl makeup - 2 for a dollar! So I bought two different kinds of ' advanced radiance ' foundation, some mascara, and eye liner. Today we went back in there because I really liked my foundation. Today it was 3 for a dollar! woo hoo! I also bought two different swimsuits 5 bucks a piece. Friday I went to see what was in the scrapbook section at walmart. I ended up finding a really cute clear stamp set on sale for 3 bucks, and some silver ink for them for a couple of dollars. I also bought a set of martha stewart ribbon for 3 dollars. It was a box of 6 different colors. I found a new cover for my ipod at the dollar tree! They also had the exact same pink one that I had on my ipod. I think I paid around 10 dollars for it a year or so ago at walmart.
I have also found a cheaper way to have crock pot ' roast '. I had some of that chuck steak that walmart almost always has marked down for like 3 or 4 dollars for a couple of big pieces. I decided to throw it in the crock pot with a little seasoning and let it cook on low all day like a roast. It was pretty good! It wasn't quite as tender as a roast but almost. But that is just because it is leaner. Very little fat. Anyway, so I'll be doing that more often now. Next time I will throw potatoes and carrots in on it too.
I picked my first bell peppers from my garden today. :o) They are so cute. haha I don't want to eat them. My mystery plant is growing so fast. I'm thinking its either squash or cucumber by the way the leaves look. I doubt it gets to grow enough to produce anything before it cools off, but maybe it will.
That's pretty much all my excitement for my days off.


Heather said...

Sounds like you got some good deals!

Gary and Emily said...

We just had a big clearance mark at work and I have been wanting a garment steamer and one went clearance for 60$ so I got it and then I found out about this carpet cleaner that had been up stairs forever and had never been marked, it was 90 % off I got a carpet cleaner for 20 bucks!!!!! hows that for a bargain I also got some corningware for 5 bucks.