Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yesterday I went to Heather's for a day of Scrapping. I was just Heather and Jeanie and me. It was fun and I got a few pages done of our recent trip to florida. We had good food. I ate WAY too much. We had fruit and dip, chips and spinach dip, onion dip, marinated cheese, oreo delight, Cajun pretzels, & BBQ nachos. Then heather made a variation of a mimosa. So good. Watching her open the Champagne was very entertaining. She probably has a dent in the ceiling now. LOL. Of course my desire for a cricut machine has been rekindled. They are so fun to use! Between Heather and Jeanie, we had lots of cartridges and plus what Heather could load from the Mac. I think the animals were very annoyed with us after a while. We were up way past their bedtime. :o) Duchess just sat in her bed looking at us with sleeping eyes. And Bogart eventually nested on the couch. Beldar and Sam periodically checked in on us and made sure we were not doing anything they needed to supervise. Beldar seemed to need to get up on the table in the middle of our supplies to get a better inspection. We went to bed at 2 am. I was surprised at how easily I got up at 7:45. I drove back home for our meeting. I'm still going. Haven't had the urge to nap yet. I'm really not wanting to cook supper though. :op Anyway, I had a nice time. Can't wait to do it again. Can't wait to have my OWN Cricut!


Heather said...

Isn't that when I opened the first bottle? So funny! I had a great time too. And I also ate too much!!

Heather said...

yes that is #1 and you can see that the cork is already off in flight somewhere, but your thumb is still in