Monday, July 13, 2009

Girls trip - friday

Friday afternoon, I got to Lila's and Sheila was the only one there so far. Lila ended up having to stay later at work than she planned on. So we got started about an hour later than we planned. It's amazing how much luggage women need for a weekend trip! the trunk was stuffed.

We drove up to Jackson and over to Nashville where we got in a super bad traffic jam! WE drove like 2 miles an hour in a 3 lane jam forever. And this was at 11 pm or something. We made pretty good time until then. We considered just sleeping in Nashville and driving on up to mammoth cave in the morning, but we decided to keep going. We finally made it into Bowling green sometime around 12 or 12:30 am I think. We tried 3 hotels before we found a room. WE were starting to think we weren't going to! So we all unloaded and crashed. We had to get up and eat breakfast and be at the cave by 10 am( that's when our tour was supposed to leave. )

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